Healing Massage (w/Crystals & Sound healing)

During this incredible Healing experience, you will sit & relax upon entering to a little healing oasis. filled with elements & magical amulets, crystals, candles, incense, running waters & lovely vibes. Have a drink of water & sit comfy to Meet & Greet. I am never in a hurry when you step into Ancient Light Curatives' Healing-House. The idea is that you feel completely save, prior to session.  When you are ready you will lay in on the floor. This is a very beautiful & Holist approach to massage, so Do Not expect the typical therapeutic-massage on a table; this is more Eastern tradition. During this massage you will be full clothed, only you feet will be bare.

You will guided through a brief breathing exercise to release tension & obtain tranquility.
Deep breathing for a few seconds while you inhale a specific (Organic) essential oil, to induce deep relaxation while stimulating Dopamine neurochemicals within your brain, that is produced by the Pituitary Gland to bring feelings of happiness, peace & ecstasy. You will be smudge to cleanse your aura & energetic field. 

You will lay very comfortably & relax by plants, by water, by air, by fire, with beautiful healing music playing on the background & pleasant aromas. Entire massage is done facing up, it begins at the face, all around and back to face.

Massage consists of mild or firm pressure on the Marmas or meridian points, in other words, a form of Acupressure to stimulate & open up the Nadis or energy points. This technique is done with the combination of long deep breaths, and releases any blockage within the Marmas as well as the Chakras or Energy-Centers invoking Balance & Well Being.

Some Reflexology & Thai stretches are also incorporated in this session. 

After actual massage is concluded, a large Selenite (crystal wand) will be placed on your torso, and a variety of tiny gemstones on random parts of your body, and conduct a brief Sound-Healing with a few crystal-singing-bowls.

I am led by my Intuition. (my higher self) You will just take deep breaths as the Crystals work their magic, your breath is the key..

Your entire body will be completely relaxed, your mind will be much clearer, pain & tension should be significantly decreased if not completely gone. Your aura will be cleansed & your chakras will be balanced.

A True Healing Massage Experience....