​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​         "JaQuel Cardona"

               (Ancient Light )
    Born and raised in the Paradise Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, since I was   a little girl, I always had the gift of a special connection with nature & animals. I   felt I could speak or understand living creatures as well as absorb beautiful   energy from the earth, plants, the sun, the moon, the stars, the living waters &   the God Creator of all living things... From there I began to have an affinity with   massaging and sending healing energy on to people & animals in pain. 
   My friends and family would tell me how incredibly gifted I was at such a   young age, such touch that could ease any tension or pain they would   experience. I would notice that dogs or cats would come to me so I can put my   hands on a specific part of their bodies and pet them for a specific time frame. I   was alleviating painful spots with my touch and intention. The vibrational   feeling of this blew me away... One of my family members decided to take me   to a massage school as soon as I graduated high school, so I became certified   by the age of 18. From there I began working at different Massage   Parlors, developing the gift and even creating my very own unique techniques   in the process. I saw myself gaining a repeated clientele whom were eager to   come back, then I knew this was a Gift. I traveled to U.S. and continued   my career for expansion. 
  Later on in my life, years later after moving from state to state, looking for   more and discovering myself at a deeper level, I somehow got aligned   with Reiki, Chakras & Tantra Energy which I have been using my entire life   without even knowing it.. 

   All this energy & development process gave me an urge to learn, train,   and adapt this deeper spiritual healing modality that was being attracted   towards me while in my Spiritual Development. And so I did; Incorporating it   into the typical therapeutic techniques that are taught in schools. It was a   brilliant idea that bought Innovation into my life as well as my business. That is   how my Therapeutic Fusion was developed, it just takes some intuition &   imagination...​ 

  Going back in my childhood; I grew up in a home where Love, Truth, Dignity   & Good Values where the seeds planted in my heart. I grew up in   am environment of art & creativity. Besides being attuned to Nature & Spirit, I   also was very talented in may fields of the art. I got involved in   Modeling, Dancing, Music, Art & even Sports; however, false belief systems   where also indoctrinated in my mind.   Unfortunately, these False belief   systems are the ones taught in schools for millenniums. This is why most of us   if not all of us, have childhood traumas that have been passed on though   our ancestry lineage. Due to these false doctrines, my parents went through a   very painful divorce during my early teens, that led me to rebel against   everyone, including myself. I had a terrible relationship with my own family and   ended up being a run away teenage in rage. I chose friends of bad influence, I   got involved in Hard Rock Bands as Lead Singer and wrote many songs based   on Hate & Self Destruct. I turned to drugs, alcohol & used my sexuality for   manipulation. This kundabuffer (reversed kundalini) went on for years. I even   had a major Wake Up Call in which I crashed a vehicle at nearly 100 miles per   hour into a Tree. I experienced Death for about several minutes, but somehow   came back to live. After moving to different places, trying to get away from all   demonic forces that had a hold of my spirit, I little by little began to gain control   & focus on turning it all around. After all, beautiful seeds of Love were planted   in my heart as a child. I moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start, trying to get   myself into Acting, rather than back into my Massage Work. Back then I was   still caught up in the false doctrines of Materialism, Power & Ego. I have always   been the type of person to get what I want, so I was actually doing pretty good   in the Acting Industry. I was doing Modeling & Music side gigs as well. But after   a sad relationship bear up, I was left numb, loosing all trust for everyone. That   was when I decided to go back at doing Massages and it began to go quite well   for me so I stuck to it more than the False Illusion of the Hollywood Industry   which I was yet to discover the truth behind that Egocentric Lifestyle that only   leads to misery if caught up in the Game.

​  During this ascension I began to see the number 11:11 everywhere, and   every time I looked at the clock. Beautiful Green Summer Beetles began to fly   up to me out of the blue. They would literally land on my head, face and hands   like if it was Magic. People around would notice and be curious about it. I know   this was a higher calling so I went with the flow of energy   and synchronicity happening to me at the moment.

  This led me to a Healing Retreat in Costa Rica; where I had the opportunity to   meet Author Bruce Lipton in person and take an entire week Seminar of his   teachings on Epi Genetics There I practiced Yoga, Meditation & nightly   Ayahuasca Ceremonies with trained & experienced Shamans from around the   world. Words cannot explain the intense healing that took place deep in my   soul. I even died and came back to live the very last ceremony. I turned light as   a feather, and clear as water. It was emotional, scary and exciting at the same   time. My Heart Chakra opened up full blown. All anger, hate, resentment,   grudge, guilt, and pain was completely released, flushed out of my system   within the journey and purges I went through. I spontaneously forgave   everyone who ever hurt me or did me wrong. I suddenly loved everyone and   everything! It was the most purest & beautiful feeling one can experience. My   family were in shock to see my positive change. They were so happy to see me   Shine and   supported me completely. They mean the world to me and we love   each other unconditionally.

   I am a completely different person than I was yesterday and I am grateful for it.

  My old friends could not recognize me. My entire life style changed. I became   an organic vegetarian, I completely quit any toxic drugs & alcohol, I quit going   to bars, listening to main steam music, watching toxic tv, my toxic friends   vanished like thieves in the night, I began to connect with like minded, kindred   spirits & I began to focus more on my physical, mental & emotional well being.  My Awakening began! I realized the shallowness of the Acting & Modeling   Career. I saw it as what it is, all about the Ego and Superficial. I then decide to   make a living off helping others heal. Now it is not about me, it's about us as   humanity, the animal kingdom and our Earth Home. I still do acting or   modeling as long as it is not to promote anything Low Nature & it is Not   my focus whatsoever. On the other hand, I do continue to compose & create   music for it is my biggest passion. When I used to Lead Sing in Rock Bands, it   was to release anger & hate. Now I create Music that Heals the Soul. I am now   a Holistic Musician as well as an Energy Healer.

  Having gone through my parents divorce at the age of 15, damaged my spirit.

 Still, that planted seed of love for life, I had deep within my heart   had somehow gave good fruits & awaken me slowly from that deep sleep state   I was in. God was always looking out for me. My beloved family was always   praying for me and I knew that I had a Special Purpose in life. That purpose   was reveled to me when I decided to go to the Amazonia Wild Jungle of Peru,   for a second Ayahuasca Ceremony. This time I had arrange to be trained and   guided to learn the Shamanic Modality with experienced Inca Indigenous,   Shamans & Curanderos from deep in the Jungle. I learned about the   Amazonia lands, and it's plant medicines, I learned about the Peruvian   animals & the Healing (Kambo) Monkey Frog. I learned to extract the   poison serum without crucifying the animal. I experienced Kambo Detox &   learned how to give it to others. During my ceremonies I went on a journey that   took me deep underneath the amazing soil as if I was a Sacred Serpent.   I merged, I cried, I got up, danced & singed with the energy & sounds of   healing coming from the Shaman & Curanderos work. There I was revealed   that I had been chosen to be a conduit, a Shaman, a Medicine Woman, a   Healer, a Muse to the people & animals in need. This was when my Shamanic   Reiki was incorporated in my Therapies. In the end of the year 2018, I   have achieved a Training & Certification in Psycho-Spiritual Coaching.


  These days I keep seeing the number 33 everywhere I turn & look.

​  The Master Number is calling out to me...

  Letting me know that I am aligned with the true nature of my destiny!

  I am expanding everyday; learning from my mistakes & experiences as I have  fun along the way.  It's what makes me Wiser while keeping my Inner Child   Alive. I'm down to earth, deeply rooted, and I like to keep my ego on check.  

  Kindness & humbleness is beautiful to me. My journey continues for eternity,   and I want to share  my testimony with you. 

   Healing my own damaged inner core, metamorphosing as a spiritual being,   seeing the world with my third eye, and being so   genuinely compassionate towards people, toward the animal kingdom, and   touching with love & the best of intention, has transformed me into the Healer   that I Am. Passionate, Transparent, Inspiring & full of  Ancient Light that is   Curative...

        I am looking forward to Interconnecting & working with You.

​                     Sincerely,

                                JacQuel Cardona