More About Me      My Awakening...

    Greetings Beautiful Soul;

  How are you feeling right now?

  Are you in need of True Healing?

​  Are you looking for Guidance that is Trustworthy, Genuine & Transparent?

  Are you seeking for Self Discovery & Ascension at a Spiritual Soul level?

     Truth is, We All Need Healing. A caterpillar can only Fly after its metamorphosis   process. We are the Fallen Angels! We are here to be Tested, Challenged &   Confronted by Creator, Nature, The Animal Kingdom, Great Spirit, The   Universe, Energy itself. We must learn to coexist with Cause & Effect, until our Karma   is in Alignment.  Unfortunately We humanity are born inside a Matrix World that runs   on Slavery & Domination. Indoctrination, Suppression, Deceit & Mind Control are the   foundation of this parasitic system.

  There is a higher Ancient & mysterious Light that produces Living Seeds. These   seeds are dispersed upon the soils of the Earth. These seeds begin to feed from the   four elements, Air, Fire, Earth & Water. Miraculously Life is Created!

  All Living Organisms are different species that belong to One same Source. We are   one of those species. We have chosen to come here to this beautiful Earth to Love   Unconditionally, to Serve your Soul brothers & sisters, to Live in the moment, every   moment, & to experience the painful & depressing metamorphosis process in order to   Fly like the Angel that You truly are. It is up to each & every oner of us, individually,   whether to remain dormant in the cocoon, or to Ascend.


    As a Channel for Energy Healing, Spiritual Guide & Psycho-Spiritual Coach my   purpose here on Earth is to Serve Humanity, The Animal Kingdom & Vegetation with   Unconditional Love. I have been put to the toughest of tests, I had the Wake Up Call,   I died & came to life twice   in my life. I fell, I got back up many times, I cried, I failed;   Then I persevered, overcame & experienced a transformation that changed   my life   forever... I am still   on mat own journey and aligned with the True Nature of my   destiny. 

    You are an extraordinary Human Being with so much Power & Grand Purpose!  

  You must unplug from the Matrix in order to Wake Up & See what you Need to See...

  Would you like my guidance & assistance?

  If Yes, I would Love to Serve You.


            Coach & Healer of "Ancient Light Curative"

​                                                                           JacQuel Cardona