Addiction Recovery       

   This Service is for individuals who have tried different programs such as,   Rehab Programs,12-Step Program, Counseling, Therapy &/or Psychiatric   Treatments, and have ether not worked, or client have been suggested by a   Clinician or Therapist, to include Coaching to their current treatment.   Coaching is a service based on a more personalized approach that includes   being completely present with client at every moment, without judgement or   prejudice. Client will be treated with respect, compassion, unconditional   love & confidentiality.

  Although client will be held accountable for their level of commitment, they   will not be prohibited not condemned if at some point client "acts-out" or   falls back into old substances or addiction patterns due to frustration, fear or   pressure. It is Ok to relapse, as long as client is honest with Coach & willing   to continue the recovery process with commitment.

  (*Please keep in mind that a Coach is Not a Medical Physician & therefor,   Professional Medical treatment is always recommended first & foremost.)

    Psychedelic Integration Coaching

         This Coaching is for those Individuals whom already have decided for   themselves, to undertake a Psychedelic Entheogen experience, or has   already gone through the experience for the purpose of overcoming an   addiction & are in need of Transformational Integration.

  In this case the Coach will guide the client in ether the preparation for their   upcoming journey, or for Integration of the psychedelic after-math.

  Going through a psychedelic trip, which ever entheogen-medicine the client   choses to obtain, can be extremely disturbing & can put the client in a   severe state of depression, if they do not properly integrate the experience.      This Integration process requires professional guidance.

  Integrating an entheogen-trip can take from 6-12 months, in some cases it   takes even longer, so it is highly recommended to hire a Coach who have   experienced psychedelic Integration themselves, and also completed a   Certified Training Program that specializes in "Psychedelic Integration",   always, when making the decision of taking a powerful holistic medicine as   all Entheogen Substances are.


​   If you or a loved one has experienced an Entheogen Trip, or are 

​  planning to do so soon... We Can Help!

​                                 Psycho-Spiritual Integration (25 level) Coaching Certified by:



     "Ancient Light Curative" Services Do Not Promote, Do   Not Possess nor Condemn the use of any Entheogen or   Substances that are illegal in the United States.   Nether we advise or influence anyone to take or partake   any of these illegal Substances. 

  We only help in the Preparation & Integration of the   experience. The choice & decision of taking any of   these substances is the clients decision only.