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   The Animals that live with us in our homes, are more than just pets; They are our   beloved companions, like members of our family. And most companion   animals such as dogs, are the most loyal of family members one will ever have.​ Animals, including insects, reptiles, amphibians, aves and such, as all living beings,   are also organically energetic. ​These creatures also experience illnesses, pain and   traumas from their past just as much as we humans do. These will affect the   animals health and well being; and untreated problems can cause a prompt or   painful death.

​ (Please note that the animal must be taken to a Veterinarian Doctor first   and foremost in the case of any symptoms that may appear. Reiki is not a remedy   nor cure to any malign disease that might need special antibiotics or medications. I   do Not recommended Reiki on growing tumors or Cancer. This intense energy   delivery can make these grow rather than shrink. In rare cases they have shrunk,   however it's a risk that I, as a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner, rather not take)

  However Reiki is a great alternative/holistic treatment as a follow up to help   improve recovery and promote healing. Most animals, specially cats tend to love   Reiki Energy. They will move on their own so that the hands are   over the problematic area. They will relax there and absorb the healing energy until   they feel better. The animal will move on, as an indication that the Healing Session   has been successful. I particularly love to do Reiki on   Animals because I am   deeply In love with all species of animals and they make me the happiest being   ever! They are so intelligent, intuitive, talented, resilient, instinctive, strong, loyal,   fierce, comical, purely innocent and overall fascinating, that they all are our most   vivid Inspiration to the Salvation of Humanity; not to mention the immense Joy and   Happiness brought into our lives, the second they are part of your family. Such that   is capable of Healing our very own Spirits....

  Show your Animal Companion how much you cherish, appreciate and love them   by giving them all the security and love they deserve.

​                  Blessings to your beautiful creatures!

My Teacher:

Lisa Powers  (Animal Reiki Master & Teacher)

Animal Reiki Healing