Chakra Balancing are so essential for the physical, mental & spiritual well being...
 The Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that all living beings have in order to maintain life.   They are connected to certain parts of the body corresponding to certain organs and endocrine   system.

 When poor health and stress occurs within the subtle body, overtime these chakras that spin   energy in and out, begin to slow down and get out of balance.  This is how certain illnesses and   conditions begin to develop. Western medicine can only treat the symptoms and not the root   cause of the problem. With an open mind, a change in your diet, a change in your daily habits,   and a good chakra balancing treatment, these out of balance chakras will begin to open up,   flowing more freely, allowing your subtle body to function better and become healthier   naturally.

 (Please note that this is not a cure for any maligns illness, but a great follow up treatment for   improved recovery and the promotion of healing. You must always go to a Physician Doctor first   and foremost if  any unusual symptom has developed.) 

 This treatment is done with charged & genuine crystals that correspond to each energetic   chakra. I first scan each chakra with a pendulum for potential imbalances. Each chakra will   be anointed with specially blended herbal oils.

 Each crystal is then placed on top of each chakra, on the front part of the body, and a   second pair of flat ones on the bottom side of the body. I like to use double the healing power in   my sessions. Chakras are like tubes that run across the body so that energy is absorbed and   released from the front, and the back, like the way air flows through a playing flute. It's a   beautiful spiritual process that can only be seen through a mediative visualization. It only takes   Faith & Imagination!

 I will ask you to go through a visualization process, as the energy in the oils and crystal begin to   work aligning with the chakras energies. Each chakra one by one, will be tuned and balanced   with professional tuning forks that will resonate the perfect frequency sound for that particular   chakra, as the stones release its energy onto your chakra, and the chakra will spin excess or   clogged energy that does not serve any longer, into the stone to compensate.

  It's All An Energy Exchange!

  The session will conclude by scanning once again, with the pendulum, each chakra to confirm   the successful balance. If you are new to this, I will teach you how to balance and maintain your   own chakras, and discuss a plan towards a more healthy and successful lifestyle. 

 This therapy is very effective and a favorite among the people who try it.

 One of my favorites!


​          Positive results of Chakra Balancing are:  

   Root Chakra~ 

 A more stable life & increase in money flow. Doors opening to better possibilities and   opportunities. An increase in energy level, sexual libido and stamina that will motivate you to   exercise and move your body with more vitality.
   Sacral Chakra~

 A sudden boost in creativity and ability to connect with people of different cultures and beliefs.   A charming confidence that will find you attractive and fun to be with. You will begin to notice   that when you want to connect sexually, it will be at a more intimate and loving way, rather than   doing it out of pure self pleasure.
   Solar Plexus~ 

 Your will power & self esteem will increase noticeably. You will have zero tolerance to bullying,   lies, abuse of any sort, and you will gain courage to speak up or stand up for anything   unrighteous in your eyes. You will gain leader qualities, and will become fearless in the face of   adversity.
   Heart Chakra~ 

 This is the most important chakra to keep healthy and balanced, for it is the center of your soul.   Your heart will open completely, allowing you to forgive anyone in your past or present that has   ever hurt you in any way. You will love and forgive your own self, letting go of past grudges,   resentment, betrayal, guilts, hurt, abuse, and any past traumas in your life. You will become   more trusting, compassionate, understanding, kind, respectful & lovable with all living beings.   Typically if your heart chakra is out of balance, all others will go out of balance too.
   Throat Chakra~ 

 Your communicating level will improve tremendously, You will become more honest, sincere,   transparent, genuine & truthful. You will develop an an ability to express yourself with creativity   and talents. This will lead you to be Inspirational & Admired by others. Your voice of speech will   come from a place of dignity and honor.
   Third Eye Chakra~ 

​ Your Intuition will become sharp & you will trust yourself. Your ability to judge righteously will   not fail you. You will learn to vibe others for their true intentions. Clairvoyance will develop,   dreams will become more vivid, meaningful, intense and even lucid. Meditation & focus will   slowly come easy practice. You might even begin to see peoples auras and have premonitory   events. Use this gift wisely and with good intentions, for this is an activation of the pituitary   gland, and your third eye (your sixth sense).
   Crown Chakra-

 All chakras mentioned above, must already be in balance & harmony in order for the crown   chakra to be fully developed. At this level you are honorable of yourself, others and your home   earth. You are beautiful from the inside out. You are confident, you are making a living out of   your gifts, talents & passions. You are a beacon to others, inspiring, understanding, humble, a   good listener and communicator, highly intuitive. You have good discernment, you are healthy   in body, mind & spirit, you're compassionate and you are constantly expanding as a human   being.

  Note: The subtle body has multiple amounts of chakras, from the tip of your toes, to way higher   above your head. We will only focus on the seven main chakras, the largest & predominant   ones   of all.

Chakra Balancing/Crystal Tuning

​​​Professional Tuning Forks

 Energy $ Exchange: 100.

             (No Time Limitation)