PTSD Coaching & Shadow Work


   This Service is for Individuals whom are currently suffering   from any form of "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder".

 These can include the following:


  * Military War Traumatic Events

  *Child-hood or Adult Sexual Rape, Assault or Molestation 

  *Child-hood or Adult Emotional Abuse or Abandonment Issues 

  *Child-hood or Adult Physical Abuse or Assault 

  *Prison or Incarceration Traumatic Events

  *Traumatic Accidents or Loss of a Loved One

          With PTSD Coaching, the client will be guided into a   "Shadow Work", which consists in a kind & gentle process of   going back in the exact time, when the traumatic event took   place. This will help client relive the entire moment all over   again, to confront the issue with a perspective of understanding,   compassion & forgiveness. Opening up these old wounds will   allow for the suppressed trauma to be released out of the heart,   and then we can re-program the mind to understand that this   issue happened way in the past, and that it is now safe to let   go. This process is most definitely painful, but never the less, the   most effective, if not the only way of overcoming & healing the   issue.

   Client has to be more than willing to go through this process in   order to achieve positive results. Shadow-Work can be a very   long process, therefore client must be 100% committed to all the   work it requires. 

   The client will Never be judged or prejudiced in any way.   Coach will treat client with compassion, patience, understanding,   complete presence, unconditional love & confidentiality every   step of the way. Some clients have gone or decided to go   through Psychedelic Integration for PTSD. If this is the case,   please click on "Addiction Recovery & Psychedelic Integration"   Service to get Informed in that subject. "Ancient Light Curative"   does Not recommend nor influence anyone in any choices. The   client makes his/her own decision in which approach to take. 

    If you or a loved one, is suffering from PTSD & are ready   to heal this old wound & experience Liberation...

 We Can Help!