Energy $ Exchange: 200.

​    (No Time Limit. Includes Chakra Balancing)

My Teachers:

Kristin Dwan (Reiki Master & Coach)

Lisa Powers (Reiki Master & Techer)

Shamanic/Reiki Healing​​


         I am a Certified Reiki Master with a Shamanic Healing training, in the depths of the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Reiki is a beautiful Japanese form of energy healing   done with just the palms of the hands. This healing modality was first founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. This   method of spiritual, mental & physical healing is done by   placing the hands on the   surface of the person being treated, all the way from head, to the toes, or focusing   on a specific area. This treatment is done by physical   touching, or without   physical contact. Please understand that this healing energy comes directly from   the source creator of love & light, the Ancient Light of God who   created all living   things. Universal Energy Life Force!
   Reiki Masters and practitioners are only a conduit transmitter of this healing   energy and must maintain a pure, healthy & honorable life style in order to   become a   channel for healing. My Shamanic Reiki session consists of a fusion of    Reiki Energy principles,   incorporated into Shamanic practice and Indigenous healing tradition.

  In the Amazon Jungle I was trained and blessed by dedicated and   powerful Shamans whom are humble and full of loving hospitality. There I learned   the Ayahuasca plant, the Wambisa & Chacruma leaves that are elemental the   components of the powerful medicinal properties. I was taught to chop the   Ayahuasca   woods, shred it, mix it up in a huge pot and boil it to simmering for   about twelve hours in a row. That process, spiritually connected me with the Plant   Medicine as   well as with the Amazonian Wilderness. After going through an entire   week of Ayahuasca Ceremonies each night, my life Transformed Me Completely!   I have been   Blessed with Shamanic Abilities for Healing. I combine hands-on Reiki with Shamanic practices, making this blend of Healing Energy much more Powerful than Reiki   alone. This includes a variety of tools & amulets such as, palo santo or sage to clear and   bless the surroundings as well as your aura, spirit animal fan feathers, Peruvian   shamanic maracas, Native Indian hand drums, Reiki infused obsidian stones, and   spiritual chanting. This treatment is a beautiful and powerful experience when   faith and an open mind are present, with will & conviction. 

   (Please Note: Reiki is Not recommended for people with cancer, tumors or any   advanced malign illnesses. Please Always consult with your Doctor first,   about   this healing option, or if you are experiencing abnormal symptoms that concern   you. Although there has been few cases where Reiki actually   shrinks cancerous   tumors, there has also been cases where the result is reversed and the target   begins to grow bigger rather than shrink. As a Certified   Reiki Master, I prefer Not   to take that risk. Also if you have a Peace Maker or Metal Plates in your body,   then Reiki is Not recommended.)

​  However this treatment is absolutely great for major pains, such as migraines, or   physical injuries. it is also effective for arthritis, inflammation in the organs, or skin   conditions, addictions, depression, anger, anxiety, digestive disorders,   passiveness, insecurities, low self esteem, confusion of self purpose,   disconnection to source, to self, to   people, to nature, and many more positive   benefits have been reported...

  I put all my Love and most Positive Intention so that you are 100% satisfied, and   on your way to ultimate physical, mental & spiritual health.
   Ancient Light is a Gift of God...​

Rusty Johnson (Jungle Guide & Curandero)