My Teacher:

 Scott Von Heldt (Sound Healer/Holistic Musician/Author)

    Healing Sound-Bath (Shamanic)  (Shamanic) 


 There is a relevant reason why all sounds have a dramatic effect on our emotions and   subtle body. This happens with music particularly. ​Specific notes and frequency of the   sounds are instantly sending waves of energy into your aura field, affecting   your electromagnetic system. Everything is Energy, therefore vibrational tone and sound   is a transmitter. Certain notes resonate with our chakras, impacting the autonomic   nervous system, the neuropeptide in our brain which connects with cognitive thinking, as   well as the endocrine systems, Including immunity. Sound Therapy is a very pleasant   and enjoyable chakra boost and might balance your entire subtle body. I incorporate   Shamanic Instruments as well as Shamanic Chanting, into my Sound Bath session.

 During this therapy I will smudge and open sacred space. We will pray together for   the outcome of your desires, you will lay down comfortably, and relax into a meditation   state. I will ask you to focus on a specific intention, with an open mind, and with   an open heart. From there I will shower you with healing frequency sounds. 

 Music for the soul!