During this incredibly Sexy Ritual, we will sit in circle & do a short   introduction. I will do a brief Talk on Tantra, what is it, where does it   come from & how can we utilize it to our greater good, then we will   have an opportunity to share a few thoughts & emotions felt at the   moment.

  I will open sacred space with smudging to cleanse everyone’s   energetic aura fields & we will begin The Circle of Ancient Light   which consists in an honoring greeting to the divine masculine &   feminine energies, then begin to plug into the polarity energies.

  From here we will do a variety of Tantric exercises that will unite the   feminine & masculine energies of the couple, to harness the sexual   energies. I will guide you both through a powerful Shamanic breath-   work that will oxygenate your brain. This activates the neuro   chemicals that produce euphoria, nirvana, ecstasy or even   psychedelic molecular components. This will enhance the   intertwining of the chakras, the spirits, the souls, synching   the breaths & the hearts in perfect harmony as you both become   One.
         All while Live Shamanic Drumming & Crystal Bowl Sound Bath   is showered upon you both… This can be a very orgasmic or even   psychedelic experience for most whom surrender to the process   completely. Very Powerful Meditation that will clear your aura,   balance all chakras, build up creative energy, release what does   not serve you, manifest abundance & bring you closer to your   partner, at a physical & spiritual level. In some cases it is a good   practice to promote fertility & child bearing.

   This experience will expand & liberate your body, mind & spirit &   with constant practice it will enhance your sexual & intimate   relationship with your partner at a soul level.  
   Always keep in mind that one must trust, be receptive to the   energies & willing to surrender completely to where ever it takes   your spirit, remember, it is all about Intentions.

 The beautiful Art of Creating Love. 





 Tantric Ceremony for Couples

w/Guided Meditation & Sound Bath

  "Cannabis Ritual"

  May be added to the Ceremony   at your request. 

  All Cannabis Medicine provided is   Certified Organic, Pesticide-Free & High   Quality. 

  A Ritual of Gratitude & Blessing to La   Planta, as well as Intention Setting will   always be conducted prior to intake.