Randall Core reviewed Ancient Light — 5 star

  West Hollywood, California 

  April 11, 2017 · 



    I cannot begin to describe the wonderful experience I had with JacQuel. What you'll   first notice when you arrive is that you have stepped in to an oasis. Clean and beautiful   does it no justice. The place is literally a sanctuary of soothing sounds, beautiful stones   and pleasant aromas. I loosely gave her a background on my life, and then she lied me   down for the Chakra balancing. What really struck a chord was how accurate she was   with my Chakras. She kindly explained what was happening and what was out of   alignment. So amazing as I knew in my inner most self that she was 100% correct in her   assessment. Such an incredible experience. She is genuine and genuinely gifted. I   recommend to any and all.

  Ryan L. rated Ancient Light ----- 5 star
  Bellflower, California

  May 26, 2018.




    Over the past few years this has become my favorite place to get a massage. Anytime   I feel over stressed, anxious, or tense I come here and it all melts away.      Being a   taller guy I always have back pain and massages always help. Other places work on the   clock and don't take the time to understand and adapt to the clients needs. When my   back is in pain I don't want the same routine over and over I want specialized focus on   those areas. Ancient Light is patient and focuses on the problem areas and caters to   their clients needs. I have never experienced more care and professionalism anywhere   else. I'm not a spiritual person but they also offer unique healing practices. I still tried   some of them and to my surprise found them to be extremely helpful ! Whether you are   into spiritual healing or not, I would highly recommend Ancient light for all of your  massage needs. I will continue to use this service and suggest everyone give them a try.

  Julissa Hernandez reviewed Ancient Light — 5 star

  St.Cloud, Florida

  February 1, 2016.




                    I love JacQuel's God given gift of healing...

                    Highly Recommended!!!

      Tristine Yin reviewed Ancient Light ----- 5 Star

      Santa Monica, California

      January 17, 2020

        The healing I received was beyond anything I've ever experienced or expected.

  The ceremony was powerful, beautiful, moving, healing and extraordinary. You'll get more than      you can imagine if your soul aligns and feels the call to work with JacQuel. A true Priestess.

   Matthew Bingle reviewed Ancient Light ----- 5 star
   Los Angeles, California

   April 6, 2019.



  JacQuel from "Ancient Light Curative" has been My Personal Life Coach for 4 Years   now. She has worked with me through Psychedelic Integration for Addiction Recovery &   PTSD for child hood trauma. I've also experienced her Chakra Balancing, Shamanic   Reiki, Meditations, Sound Healing, and her Ritualistic Ceremonies. 

  Basically, I have used all of her Services through out these 4 years. What I have to say,   is WOW! I look back at the person that I was and I have come to realize that I have   Transformed Tremendously! The best I can describe her work is as Magical. 

  She is so Compassionate, so Understanding, and Full of Unconditional Love towards   People and Animals. 

   All of the work she does is with such Beauty and Grace, her presence alone is like   experiencing a peaceful Inspiration. Her Sound Healing is played with Crystal Tones   singing bowls & amazing Shamanic Instruments that are out of this WORLD! She Sings   these Healing songs that she writes, with this holistic Instrument that will make you Cry.   She is a True Healing Angel!! I don't think anyone could of helped me the way she has   helped me. She is My Coach/Mentor/Healer for Life!! 

  If you are Seeking for Any of the Services she offers, you have got to try it her out. She   will help Transform your Life! Guaranteed! 

  I Highly Recommend Ancient Light Curative! 100%

  Thank you JacQuel! You have brought the Best of out me!



  Richard Beard rated Ancient Light ----- 5 star

  East Hollywood, California

  May 31, 2018.





                      Would like to express my gratitude and share my healing experience using       Ancient Light. I had scheduled the Shamanic Reiki Healing at the Griffith Park. I   wanted to be around nature. Wow! What an amazing experience!
 I'm in my late 50's and have situations where if I don't get enough sugar in my system I   become really weak.  At the time I almost wanted to cancel because the way I was   feeling. She offered to take me home. I decided to stay and I was glad I did. She had   set up a beautiful preparation. Started off with lighting some  Palo Santos and with her   feather smudging the parameter and my body. Then she started placing her charged   stones on each of my chakras. Following with focused healing energy with her hands   from my head to my toes located at each chakra center of the body. I instantly felt   healing energy coming from her hands. She began using her healing tools such as   tuning forks and Indian drumming style around my body. The healing experience I had   was absolutely needed. I will be booking again soon. After the session I felt revived and   filled with energy.  My weakness left and I was able to gain my strength back.  Each day   past and I had felt stronger each day. I feel more connected with myself and balanced in   my chakras. At the end of the session, she confirmed each chakra successfully   balanced by using a pendulum. Wow, I've never felt or seen energy moving! Amazing! 
  I left the park feeling young again.

   Thanks you so much Ancient Light!

   JacQuel you are an ANGEL :*

   Tashaunna J. reviewed Ancient Light ----- 5 star
   Canoga Park, CA

    May 21, 2019  

    I cannot express enough gratitude to JacQuel for the amazing ceremony she orchestrated this   past Saturday for myself and other beautiful souls to embrace. The amount of love she invested   into preparing for the event really showed as her attention to detail covered literally every aspect.   The space had a warm comforting feel to it, the sound of the ocean was playing in the   background, she provided abundant pillows and blankets for our comfort, hot tea, a sacred   smudge, song, release, and so much more. She is truly passionate about what she does and she   even provided crystals and other blessed elements for all who attended to take home. It was a   blessing to have met her and I look forward to participating in more of her events in the future.

   Linah S. reviewed Ancient Light ----- 5 star
   London, United Kingdom

 June 19, 2019 

    JacQuel is a true professional. She was well prepared for the kambo session, knowledgeable,   and took the time to give me an overview of what we'll be doing and to answer any questions I   had. As for communicating to set up the session, she was responsive and gave ample material   for me to review and read up on before hand to alleviate any concerns. She also provided clear   instructions for pre-care to prepare myself for the session. During the session, she made sure to   let me know that all her tools were clean, and that she uses disposable ones for each guest she   serves. She goes all out, gave me a sound bath and a chakra reading at no extra charge. She   also avoided rushing me after the session was over to allow me to
feel grounded enough to go   home. I highly recommend her services!

   Jeff Trenkle reviewed Ancient Light — 5 star
   Fountain Valley, California 

   May 1, 2017 · 



  If you ever wished that you could go to a Native American healer, let me tell you     something, you can! 
I was highly impressed, and my previous shaman just had an opening become available   on his schedule. 
 What impressed me the most is how the treatment was timeless... Once she starts, she   sees it thru until the job is done. Beyond that, she tells you what she is doing and why   she is doing it, prior to doing it... That allows you to address any questions or concern   about what iscoming,and you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the experience. 

 She makes it clear, that it is not her that is doing the healing directly, but that she is   conduit to aid in the spirits of the four winds clearing your vessel to restore your soul. 

  Many believe that you need a genetic connection to join a Native American Tribe. This I   know is not true. My uncle joined the Dakota Tribe, and I have been in his sweat lodge to   honor the passing of my Grandmother. The chanting sounded very familiar. We have no   known genetic connection to the Dakota, or any other tribe. But my uncle arrived   speaking the heart of the Tribe, and they accepted him. When they needed a spiritual   leader, the Earth anointed him. 

  My uncle taught me a technique that focuses on negative energy and neutralizes it in   relation to his job, to be there for any member of his tribe if they become afflicted with   sick thoughts in their head. 

  I spent the past three months playing with the notion of neutralizing the negativity in the   air in every room I had been in over a three month period. My body and soul were   extremely taxed before I went to ancient light. From appearances and the perceptual   reality of those around me, I was a mad man. I could even hear the conversations of said   such words from by standers in nearly every room that I was in. I could hear people think   the hope that only I not speak next. 

  It was of no surprise that my heart and Solar Plexus Chakras were out of balance... 

  I went to Ancient Light, and when I say she sees the job thru, six hours later I left   balanced, grounded, and feeling awesome. The feeling is sustained. 

  I am worried about giving too good of a revue and having a hard time booking an   appointment in the future. 

   Thank You Ancient Light!