Transformational Life Coaching

     This Service is based on working with different areas of your life where    you are seeking for guidance & improvement. Together we will figure out,       from 0-10, where do you stand in each aspect of your life. After you put a   number on each, my job is to guide you into patiently moving that   number to a 10 or as high as possible. This process can take from 3-6   months, or from 6-12 months. In most successful cases, people maintain a   coaching relationship for many years, but it is not necessary. It depends on   the commitment level of the client, as well as their speed of improvement &   results. Keeping in mind that being completely honest with yourself & your   Coach, as well as being committed, is the key to a successful session.

     Here are some examples of areas in your life you might need to improve. 

     From 0-10, where are you in each of these areas of you life?

       *Career/Money = 0-10

       *Health = 0-10

       *Relationships = 0-10

       *Spirituality = 0-10

       *Creativity/Hobbies = 0-10

       *Learning = 0-10


      We can help you move those numbers up with Love & Patience.